Romeo & Juliet Senior Production

Following a performance for pupils from Old Buckenham Hall, Orwell Park, Riddlesworth and Brandeston Hall on Tuesday, the cast and crews delivered performances to appreciative audiences over three nights on Wednesday 7, Thursday 8 and Friday 9 December.

Terrific ensemble work from the cast for Romeo and Juliet was matched by exceptional performances from all key players.  Lewis Myers-Allen and Fiona Birch were luminous in their portrayal of the star-crossed lovers;  Jasper Maberly was a top ‘King of Cats’ wielding his rapier with great talent and energy; Alex Myers- Allen was a mercurial Mercutio, while Joe Morrice poured oil on stormy waters with his top rendition of Benvolio.

Sam Weya knocked us over with her stunning nurse, making it hard to think there could be any other way of playing her, with Billy Treacy nearly stealing the show with his oleaginous Paris.  Rev Lawrence, played by Sara Austin, matched wise words with optimistically reckless decision-making and the troubled Capulet parents were played with great truthfulness by Sam Crimp and Mimi O’Neill.

Not to be forgotten were the clowns played by Charlie Bullen and Harry Jordan, capably giving us a suitably bawdy opening with great supporting performances from Archie Brewer and Jimmy Rutherford.  The show was a great mix of beauty and anarchy and ultimately a wonderful celebration of life.

Well done to all the pupils involved.

View pictures of the event and watch a timelapse of the production