Easter Cricket At Framlingham College A Great Success

Over the Easter break a cricket course for youngsters took place at Framlingham College.

The course was designed by Suffolk Youth Coach Peter Bennett-King and current Suffolk all-rounder Ben France, who is full-time Cricket coach at the College and Brandeston Hall. Around 50 young players attended and enjoyed the rare opportunity to receive coaching from a well-resourced coaching team which included the likes of Northamptonshire captain and former South Africa International, Andrew Hall and Suffolk’s Justin Bishop, Tom Huggins and Martyn Cull.Over the four days, the participants developed key skills and had access to four bowling machines in the College Sports Hall for one of the batting sessions.

The children benefited from a day at Northants County Cricket Club where they were greeted again by Andrew Hall and former Framlingham College student, Robert Newton who now plays for Northamptonshire amongst several other first-class players. The weather conditions were good and maximum usage was made of the fantastic outdoor facilities.

Presentations about bat-making from ‘Willow Stix’ contributed to another informative and purposeful cricket course at the College.

CCF Field Weekend and Biennial Inspection

On Monday 12th March the new Commander of 49 East Brigade, Brigadier GHFS Nickerson, carried out his first Biennial Inspection of the 360 units under his command, Framlingham College.

The CCF deployed to the training area surrounding the Colchester Ranges. Immediately upon arrival the Brigadier was stopped at a Vehicle Check Point (VCP) and escorted under armed guard through a band of angry, banner waving local marauders to the Forward Observation Post (FOB) in woods away from the conflict area. The locals were angry that an new incinerator was being built in the village and the College CCF had been called in to control the situation.

The visiting officer joined a RECCE patrol and then witness a Fighting Patrol against locals who were smuggling weapons into the area. Without further ado it was off to see four well-conceived and challenging RAF stands where the quality of NCO instruction and cadet enthusiasm was equally as apparent. A similar experience was enjoyed in the Year 9 cadet recruit area run by an impressive groups of Year 10 cadets and JNCOs The whole phase finished with the a building clearance exercise and arrest and capture of the local trouble makers encountered earlier: a typical happy ending and only 1000 rounds used.

The Brigadier’s final address was short, full of praise and well-received.

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‘Later…’ With Fram College (EADT)

‘Later with Fram College’ took place in the Headmaster Porter Theatre over the two nights of Thursday 8th and Friday 9th, March.

This year’s sell-out Cabaret was based on the “Later with Jools Holland” format, hosted by the inimitable new Director of Music, Tim Rhodes. The evening was framed by performances of the three main ensembles of Big Band, Light Orchestra, and Phull Phat Phunk, alongside various high calibre solos, duets, and ensembles.

Over a quarter of the school were involved, and all performed with great joy; the efforts of students in preparing their material this term were well rewarded, and all departed desperate for more!

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Laura Wright Flies The Flag For The Commonwealth

Former Framlingham College student and Britain’s most exciting new soprano, Laura Wright, flies the flag for the Commonwealth with her new Diamond Jubilee Song, ‘Stronger As One’.

Yesterday’s Commonwealth Day Message delivered by The Queen at Westminster Abbey made reference to the newly-composed song and Laura, accompanied by Reading Blue Coat School Choir, premiered the new song in Westminster Abbey in front of representatives from all over the Commonwealth.

This citation in The Queen’s Commonwealth Day Message is both an honour and a privilege for the 21- year-old music student as she used to wait tables to support her studies. She used her Twitter account to break the news to fans yesterday.

Composer of Stronger As One, Robert Hartshorne, said: “I’m delighted that Her Majesty has mentioned Stronger As One in her Message. With proceeds from the song being donated to The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, I hope that the Commonwealth and the world like it!”

Stronger as One is now available to buy as a download, with Decca Records donating a minimum of 50p from every digital single to The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust.

College Gladiator Off To Rome With The Barbarians

Eighteen year old Framlingham College student, Harry Gooderham has been selected for the Independent Schools Barbarians tour of Italy.

Harry, pictured above left, is a key member of the 1st XV at Framlingham College and spent last summer on a rugby exchange at Bishops College in Cape Town, South Africa.

Harry, will play against the Boys Club of Wales in Port Talbot and the London Irish Academy before flying out with the Barbarians squad to Italy on the 8th April.

Framlingham College Head of Rugby, Simon Sinclair said, “We are very pleased that Harry has been given an opportunity to tour with the Barbarians. Over the last two years Harry has gained some invaluable sporting experiences while studying at the College.”

New Head of Hockey Announced

Much of the spectacular success Framlingham College Hockey has enjoyed in recent years should be credited to the enthusiasm and expertise of Head Hockey Coach and Director of Sport, Jon Slay. His job has been made very much easier this year, however, with the completion of a second floodlit astro-turf and the arrival on the staff of former South African Hockey international and double Olympian, Susan Webber. Moreover, the College coaching team will be strengthened further still in September, when centrally contracted England U18 Coach, Jamie Kingstone, takes over as ‘Head of Hockey’.

Universities Are Not The Only Route For A level Students

These are exciting times for school leavers; perhaps also a little scary, but there are an increasing range of options out there for the A level student, and this may bring to an end the culture of the past 25 years which has seen such students going on to university as a matter of course. The prospect of building up significant debt (as much as £40-50,000 when all costs are taken into account), and a superfluity of courses that are deemed by some to have devalued the ‘currency’ of a degree, have made many bright school leavers question whether university is for them.

The number of students applying for university places is down by nearly 9% on last year, and while this is partly a reflection of last year’s rush to apply before the rise in tuition fees, the number of undergraduates is unquestionably in decline. This picture is compounded by recently published figures stating that nearly a third of university courses have been dropped in the past six years. It may be the case that, by default rather than design, degrees may return to their original raison d’être of being for those who really want to study their subject for its own sake, rather than – necessarily – as the first rung on the career ladder.

Employers have been quick to spot this, and a number of the UK’s leading companies are now offering the bright school leaver a genuine (and profitable) alternative to university. They hope to attract some of the best students into a combined programme of study and work experience, by the end of which the ‘student’ is eminently employable, qualified and free of debt. Some companies, such as Deloittes, have even established direct links with specific universities to offer the best of both worlds, even offering to pay university tuition fees as part of the package.

So what does all this mean for schools? At Framlingham, while we expect the majority of our students to continue to opt for a university education, we are also keen that this is a properly informed decision and that they are aware that there are equally valid alternative options. The university world itself is fast-changing. There are now increasingly attractive (and relatively cheap) alternatives in Europe, the US, the Far East and elsewhere, all offering courses taught in English. For many years, ‘careers’ advice in schools such as ours has essentially been universities advice, and this is no longer good enough. In this increasingly complex area, parents and pupils will look to schools as an expert resource to guide and to advise, both on the expanding university options and on the non-university route. If it makes students really think about planning their future, rather than routinely opting to go into further education because it is ‘just what you do’, then I think this will only be a good thing: for the students, the universities and the UK and world economy.

Paul Taylor, Headmaster



  • This article was published in the Education Supplement of the East Anglian Daily Times on Wednesday 29th March, 2012

Language experience at the College for Old Buckenham Hall

Framlingham College invited Year 8 pupils from Old Buckenham Hall Prep School to get a head start in learning three new languages when they join senior school.

Mrs Debra Hardman with the assistance of Year 13 linguist, Emily Higgins taught the Spanish lesson. The pupils first learned the words for colours and animals.They then put the two together and practised saying the colours of animals. The students were introduced to the idea of position and agreement of adjectives in Spanish. A variety of activity games were played in both pairs and as a group on the interactive whiteboard. Debra Hardman described the students as, “Polite, enthusiastic and keen to try speak in Spanish.  They were quick to make connections between French and Spanish.”

Our students had a great time with many giving us terrific feedback on their learning experiences in all three languages.

Kate Allanson, Old Buckenham Hall

Miss Angélique Horner taught German to the students with the able help of German students, Franziska Hipp and twins, Marie and Antonia Von-Koester. The OBH students were taught how to say their name and how to ask another person for their name. The children learnt how to count to 10 in German and bingo was particularly popular. They were taught the names of animals and at the end of the lesson a game was played with fly swats.

French was taught by Head of Modern Languages, Mr Bernard Dyer with the help of head girl, Natalie Fulcher, Oscar Ponton, Katie Rutherford and Christina Welsh. The OBH students used the language lab to do a number of interactive excercises in games focusing on present tense endings. They also looked at food words, which was good revision for them as the students are familiar with French from their time at OBH. All the students seemed to really enjoy the experience, and many showed vast improvement in the half-hour that they used the computers.

Kate Allanson from Old Buckenham Hall said, “Thank you so much for a wonderful visit yesterday and a very warm welcome. Our students had a great time with many giving us terrific feedback on their learning experiences in all three languages. We had many comments from children looking forward to taking up Spanish and German as a result of the day!”

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