FramSoc Event: The Brandreth Papers


A practising London barrister, Benet Brandreth, has also inherited from his father, Gyles, more than a little love for public entertainment. He has been involved in the art of rhetoric for many years, whether it is debating, rabble-rousing, after-dinner speaking or court-room advocacy. He has twice been the World Public Speaking Champion and professionally he was awarded the Richard DuCann Memorial Prize for Excellence in Advocacy. Benet brings to FramSoc his highly acclaimed one-man show, The Brandreth Papers, which first appeared on the Edinburgh Fringe and subsequently transferred to The Savoy Theatre, London in March of this year. Reviewing the show in Edinburgh, the Daily Telegraph wrote: Benet Brandreth… on fine dinner jacketed form in this delightfully surreal series of tall tales, taking in his (imagined) time as a Hollywood hunk, feted conceptual artist, and rescuer of the Duke of Edinburgh from a most invidious fate. The Sunday Telegraph awarded the show five stars calling it, Heroic storytelling, raising the Fringe’s intellectual bar. The Edinburgh Festival Magazine referred to Benet as, One of our country’s most accomplished raconteurs. We feel sure that this is one FramSoc event you will not wish to miss.BENET BRANDRETH A4_FACEBOOK

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