An exciting week at FramSoc

‘Hilarious’ ‘So clever’ ‘More please!’ ‘What a story teller!’ ‘Word perfect, funny and pleasant to look at!’.

It would seem churlish to this reviewer not to let the comments received after last Friday’s performance of The Brandreth Papers in the HPT speak for themselves.

Unknown-1Brandreth, lugubrious in black tie and alone on stage with only a mobile phone and a pistol for company, was mesmerising and beguiling, with an ability to spin a yarn and a dexterity with words which left even the most conservative members of the packed audience acknowledging that sometimes it is essential to take ‘the broad view’! Yes indeed ‘More please!’.

Well, FramSoc, always keen to show willing, did provide more on Wednesday evening, when we were treated to the delicious double act of Galton Blackiston and his unflappable side-kick Mr Alston.

They made our mouths water and our tummies rumble as they cooked up a sumptuous three course meal with effortless flair and humour. It was gripping theatre, but oh how I would have liked to sit down and eat their creations.

I am surprised that the two people who won the raffle prizes of the main course and the pudding made it out unmobbed!

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