CCF Weekend


On the 9th and 10th March the Army and RN sections drove to RAF Barnham for a Field Weekend.  Snow was already falling as they began to sort out their accommodation for the evening in a collection of shipping containers which had windows and doors cut from them and strategically placed in a design that resembles a street scene from Afghanistan and for troop training prior to deployment.  During the afternoon the  Yr 10 were taught weapon handling and later passed their Shooting and Safety test. They were then whisked off to participate in night observation Exercise ‘Allo Allo’ centered around the remains of a WWII bomb making complex.  Yr10 and 11 sections patrolled to a border crossing 3Km away from their Forming Up Point.  The position was thankfully lit up by burning oil drums in the heart of the high walled disused complex. Little did they know that the jovial atmosphere portrayed by the slack border guards they were observing was about to be shattered when an elite group of enemy came in under the cover of smoke and dispatched the lot of them and then set about on the unarmed observation forces who had to employ hasty escape and evasion tactics. By 0800 the next day they were ready to attend a series of stands run by the Yr 12 undergoing their SNCO cadre course.  These included close-quarter battle drills with replica M16 paintball guns down an unused railway embankment; a series of section attacks against enemy positions in ‘WW II pill boxes’; combat first aid and stripping, cleaning and assembling the LA98A2.

Throughout the weekend the attitude and conduct of staff and cadets was exemplary and culminated in a successful and memorable weekend approached in a spirit that showed real strength of character by every participant.

Lt Colonel Myers-Allen

View the pictures here

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