Year 10 cadets venture to Fingringhoe Ranges

Unknown-5On the 28th and 29th April the CCF Army, RAF and RN Year 10 cadets ventured forth to Fingringhoe Ranges for an action-packed forty-eight hours, and they were treated to some great weather too.

Sunday was spent learning building clearance with Nerf guns in purpose-built Cold War skills houses; patrolling down a Close Quarter Battle skills lane with M16 paintball rifles; evacuating combat casualties whilst under enemy fire; and finally getting involved in dedicated section attacks with LA98A2 rifles. The evening was spent learning sniper skills with .22 rifles and the RAF completed their weapon handling tests with the LA98A2 before a group night navigation exercise, ‘Night Owl’ on the Mersea Peninsula. On Monday the RAF travelled to London to visit the Cabinet War Office and learn about the Cold War and the Army and RN travelled to Merville Barracks, Colchester, for the annual MP5 competition day.

After an exhausting day at the 5.56 full-bore shooting range on an assault course, including a .22 March and Shoot course, B Section came out close winners.

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