Geographical Society welcomes Dr Geoffrey Griffiths

Unknown-3Last Tuesday evening, Dr Griffiths of the University of Reading Geography Department gave a presentation to over a hundred pupils, staff and parents on the issue of land grabs in Liberia. 

These are caused by the growing demand for palm oil in the developed world. Palm oil is used in many food items of our everyday diet yet the extensive clearance of rainforest to satisfy this production is having serious environmental and social impacts in West Africa. Dr Griffiths also told us how he monitored and mapped this loss of primary forest, working for an NGO; he has particular interest in the practical use of GIS.

Not only was his presentation intrinsically interesting and useful for geographical study, but it also gave insight into the style of lecturing and the fieldwork of a current university academic of the kind our pupils might encounter in further education.

Geographers evaluate effects of urban planning in Ipswich

On Tuesday, 30th April, a group of thirty-three Lower Sixth geography students were taken to diverse parts of Ipswich to study changes in the urban environment.

Unknown-4Mr Boatman’s group focused on Bridge Ward, an area of inner city redevelopment, and also the various suburbs of St Margaret’s Ward; Mr Kendall’s group studied the rural-urban fringe, the original Victorian planning of Christchurch Park, and also the Cobbold Street area.

Both groups ended up at the Docks, to assess the effectiveness of the much vaunted Waterfront Scheme.

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