Year 9 Geography Fieldtrip – Savanna and Rainforest Ecosystems, Colchester Zoo

Unknown-1Last Wednesday, all Year 9 pupils visited Colchester Zoo. The purpose was to collect data about animals and their adaptations to the savanna and rainforest habitats. 

A very important part of the day was the lecture given by the zoo’s education officer who explained the adaptations made in each zone by some of the animals, such as the African Elephant and the Orangutan. She also explained how certain species were under direct threat from human activity in their areas. The pupils then went out into the Africa zone and the Rainforest areas to observe these features. All the animals were impressive but surprisingly much attention went to the smallest of all, the leaf-cutter ant, a decomposer important in the rainforest. Other popular animals were the largest herbivores, giraffe and elephant. There were also carnivores such as hyena, cheetahs and yellow anaconda. Living in a specially created hot and humid rainforest climate, which we could also experience, was the iguana.

In all there was much of interest and all pupils will now use this information in their follow-up lessons on ecosystems.

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