GCSE Drama Performances


Last Friday the entire GCSE class completed their Unit 3 Practical exam in front of their examiner and a supportive crowd in the HPT. This year’s theme was ‘performances that make you watch and think’, and all four shows did just that. Vicky Easey, Raefe Newton-Jones, Violet Taylor and Georgie Clarke-Gifford explored ideas of memory and the afterlife in a literally blinding play 100, whilst Seb Baker, George Coulson, Liv David, Oli King and Molly Drnec performed their devised play Corrections, looking at the validity of the death penalty. Knife crime was explored in by Seb Treacy, Emily Heldreich, Rose de la Rue, Cressi Sowerbutts and Sarah Maran in the play Mugged, and finally Say Yes! put a darkly comic spin on the Orwellian idea of government control of our thoughts and the power of branding. Amy Hunter, Lilie Waring and Hannah Rowell pulled off a difficult piece with some style, particularly in their dance moves.

Ahead of our Autumn production of Hamlet, Dorothy Englert went to South Lee Preparatory School in Bury St Edmunds to workshop ideas around themes and issues in the play with students in Years 6 and 7. The session ended with some spectacular Shakespearean deaths gruesomely enacted and presented with terrific enthusiasm.

Framlingham wish South Lee all the best for their production of Alice at the end of this term.

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