Sophie Warner qualifies as a Lifeguard


Year 12 student Sophie Warner has successfully completed her lifeguarding courses and will be able to become operational this summer. This has been a huge exercise in fitness and stamina for her, culminating in quite grueling tests which, we are delighted to report, Sophie passed with flying colours, achieving both the RLSS and RNLI standards.  She now has the opportunity to work as a volunteer lifeguard during the summer, both for the Lowestoft Lifeguard Corps and with the RNLI team at Southwold. 

The course involved a number of testing elements and scenarios; amongst the challenges Sophie faced were a 200 metre timed beach run, towing a casualty in the sea and a length’s underwater swim. The first aid skills she acquired included performing CPR on casualties of all ages, both in water and on land, and dealing with spinal injuries.  Sophie also had to demonstrate competence in a range of rescue methods and confidence in communicating with lifeboats, coastguards and other lifeguard stations.

This is a fantastic achievement for Sophie and we are all very proud of her at the College.

The photograph shows Sophie Warner (bottom left) with other lifeguards celebrating the launch of the new Lifeguard facilities at Lowestoft and Southwold.

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