Unknown-4For Year 12, Monday 17th June was UCAS Day, but was actually much more than this. We collapsed the timetable to undertake a number of useful activities to help prepare Year 12 students for the future. The day started with a presentation on ‘How to write an effective personal statement’ by Laura Anderson from UEA. Students were then divided by subject area to work on their applications, while those who do not intend to go to university produced CVs instead, working under Peter Lawrence (OF), who is a recruitment specialist. 

Before lunch, the pupils were treated to two Gap year presentations: ‘Organising a worthwhile and safe Gap Year’ by Charlie Hopkinson, of Dragoman, and ‘My Gap Year experience’ by Charlotte Ogilvie from Project Trust.

The afternoon proved to be something special, with pupils being given a taste of the business world. Visiting entrepreneurs set the students real problems which they had to solve. This was a bit like the best parts of The Apprentice, but with collective responsibility … and no-one got fired! The students did not hold back and so made the most of this opportunity. At the end, each group had to feedback to others on the nature of their task and their proposed solution.

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