Silver & Gold Duke of Edinburgh in Derbyshire

dofeAfter snow drifts and blocked roads led to the cancellation of the Coniston trip at Easter,
the June D of E was adapted to combine Silver and Gold expeditions close together in
Derbyshire. Open to Years 11, 12 and 13, this proved to be very popular with the students.

With a chance to unwind after the academic intensity of GCSE and A level modules, five
Silver groups and three Gold groups set off on their planned expeditions, this time testing
their physical and mental endurance. Some groups demonstrated accurate navigation from
the outset, whilst others developed their skills throughout their experiences. All groups
grew in maturity, self-reliance and teamwork over the course of the expeditions, and all
were successful in meeting their goals.

The next expedition opportunity at these levels will be in the first week of the October half
term, with both Silver and Gold taking place again in Derbyshire. Before then, the current
Year 9 will embark on their assessed Bronze D of E in September, in the countryside
surrounding Framlingham.

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