Seb Treacy fires his way to the top in Jersey


After a taxing selection weekend that took place over the Easter holidays, Seb Treacy went on tour to Jersey with the UK Cadet Rifle Team (UKCRT) over two weeks in the summer. The UKCRT Team landed at St Helier harbour on the island with the intention of shooting in the Jersey Rifle Association (JRA) Open and shooting against the Channel Islands under 19 Team.

After a few days touring the island, the JRA Open was underway. Seb hit the ground running scoring a possible (Highest possible score) on the first day at 600 yards. After this the good scores kept rolling in with few exceptions. Seb also managed to succeed in earning a highest possible score at 900 yards in one of the longer 15-shot shoots. Finishing in the top 30 in the open, and 4th in his team, Seb was chosen as captain for the day following the open, where the UKCRT team was to face off with the Channel Islanders team. Despite excellent scores throughout the team Seb only dropped two points out of 150 all day, the UKCRT lost the day, but spirits were still high after the exciting week. The team had won 3 trophies between them (One was won by Seb) and enjoyed theirtime on Jersey.

Seb is now looking forward to future successes with the school, where he is to act as second in command for the team.

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