A full-house of A*s for Framlingham College GCSE students


Charlie Green and James Walker have hit the jackpot with a full-house of GCSE A* grades in their recent results. Both boys who are in Stradbroke House at the College were delighted with their results, as was their Housemaster, Mr Bernard Dyer who said, “Charlie was obviously delighted with his clutch of results but in his very typically modest way expressed some surprise at how good they were. As his Housemaster, I was far less surprised than he was: he thoroughly deserves his outstanding results. James is one of the most disciplined and focused young men I have had the pleasure to work with. Coupled with a very sharp brain, it was almost inevitable that he would achieve such fantastic results. James is a highly organised young man who has always been meticulous in his approach to all that he does.”

Framlingham College’s newly appointed Deputy Head (Academic), David Ashton added, “A very impressive achievement from the boys and it reinforces my belief that  excellence across a range of disciplines is a goal that students should aim towards.”

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