Geographical Society Lecture: London 2012 Games – What now?

bob_digby_geography_lecture_mrlyonBob Digby, ex teacher and author, and past president of the Geographical Association, outlined the legacies of past Olympic Games and explained how London, despite being underdogs, won the bid in 2005 on a promise of regeneration.

Fabulous images captured the environmental transformation from derelict warehouses and wasteland to a green, sustainable site. Measures even included importing worms to the site to clean the top soil. The proposed legacy was outlined and pupils were pleased to hear that they can swim in the Olympic pool for £3.50. The determination to provide a legacy was clear. The economic regeneration was evident despite concerns that east Londoners might be pushed out of the area because of inward migration. Although the amount of social housing was less than originally planned, Bob Digby remained optimistic about the Games’ legacy especially compared with other recent Olympics.

He hoped that our pupils’ generation would continue to talk about the 2012 Olympics and drown out those still harking back to the 1966 World Cup!

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