The College and FramSoc enjoy visit from Osiligi Maasai Warrior Dance Troupe


‘There are Maasai Warriors taking tea in the dining room!’ This was overheard in the College corridors last Wednesday when we enjoyed the privilege of a visit from a Osiligi Maasai Warrior Dance Troupe.

The group entertained the students in the afternoon and then performed for FramSoc in the evening. The audience was captivated. This small group of Maasai leave their young families and community in Kenya for four weeks every year, coming to England to share their singing, dancing, whistling and extraordinary jumping. The proceeds from their ten tours have enabled them over time to provide clean water and build a new school with qualified teachers for their community.

Nobody can have gone home at the end of this exhilarating evening without feeling both moved and humbled by this small troupe’s large hearts, great faith, warm friendliness and incredible bounce! Our thanks go to everyone who came along; their generous support has meant that the troupe were able to leave us with over £700 to take back to their Maasai Community.

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