CCF Field Weekend


“The three main aims of the CCF are leadership, teamwork and camaraderie. The military scenario devised for them on Field Weekend provided the perfect environment to meet these aims.  The army section arrived on RAF Barnham’s training area in glorious sunshine ready for Exercise ‘Lion’s Claw’ with the mission of ridding the area of troublesome rebel forces.  A platoon harbour was established in a heavily fortified bomb dump complex.  Throughout the day their ambush and anti-ambush skills were tested to the full as the initiative swayed back and forth. A dawn attack by the enemy was immediately countered and three assaults on insurgent positions saw the army section gaining the upper hand and the eventual discovery of the location of the enemy base. The army section were shocked to discover that their Headmaster, Mr Paul Taylor had joined the rebel band. By the time the army section arrived at the enemy base an IED had destroyed the retreating enemy convoy. Casualty evacuation drills were well-executed and the remaining rebels surrendered or were swiftly dealt with. Mr Taylor was never found, but a black BMW was seen leaving the area at speed.”

Lt Colonel M K Myers-Allen



CCF News

Army overnight exercise at Thetford

The Army section embarked upon an ambitious overnight exercise on Zulu Area at Thetford with the threat of strong winds and four and a half inches of rain.

The exercise was aptly named Exercise Wipe Out and we completed almost all of it before the storm hit. Having established a harbour area recce (no pun intended), standing and fighting patrols were dispatched against an enemy militia intent on supplying local rebels with assault rifles. At 1900hrs the weather proved too inclement and the camp areas were being struck by branches falling from trees. We called it a draw at 1945hrs and made the eminently sensible decision to return to the College and sit out the storm in dry accommodation. Sometimes it is best to ‘run away and come and fight another day’.

RAF field weekend

The RAF Section was involved with a series of tactical and field craft exercises over the weekend despite some appalling weather. All cadets had a terrific time carrying out camouflage and concealment tasks, basher building, field cooking and tactical patrolling through some very muddy Suffolk countryside.

On Monday, the Section visited IWM Duxford and saw some of the best preserved First and Second World War buildings including the 1940 Operations Room, Battle of Britain displays, and the Land Warfare exhibition. The continuing work on the conservation of aircraft to get them flying again was fascinating.