Gyles Brandreth delights audience at FramSoc

Unknown-6Elusive, fleeting, relative, intensely personal; we were all challenged to consider the various guises of happiness as we sat in the Headmaster Porter Theatre last night engrossed by the preview performance of Gyles Brandreth’s new one-man show, Looking For Happiness.

Of course it was very funny indeed, littered with examples of outrageous name-dropping, topical references and including audience participation but the comedy was also allowed to breathe, increasing its impact, in those moments when the mood was subtly and expertly changed to invite us to ponder and reflect on how happiness can be discovered in the most unlikely of our experiences.

If this was a ‘work in progress’ then audiences at the Edinburgh Festival and the subsequent UK tour are going to leave their theatres happily delighted by what they receive from this truly masterful raconteur.

FramSoc welcomed Nic Dunlop to Framlingham College

Last Thursday FramSoc was privileged to welcome Nic Dunlop, the award-winning photographer and journalist, to the HPT. Nic is a fascinating man, gentle yet compelling, and clearly determined that those with whom he shares his photographs might understand the complex narrative that underscores them.

His talk was exceptional and his photographs haunting, and I cannot believe there was anybody there who did not take something thought-provoking away with them. It was particularly pleasing that there were so many students among the audience to hear him – a valiant effort during the lead up to exams. In this world of the ‘sound bite’ a man who says that he will wait for the book to be written in order to understand the complexities of a situation gets my vote – bravo!

An exciting week at FramSoc

‘Hilarious’ ‘So clever’ ‘More please!’ ‘What a story teller!’ ‘Word perfect, funny and pleasant to look at!’.

It would seem churlish to this reviewer not to let the comments received after last Friday’s performance of The Brandreth Papers in the HPT speak for themselves.

Unknown-1Brandreth, lugubrious in black tie and alone on stage with only a mobile phone and a pistol for company, was mesmerising and beguiling, with an ability to spin a yarn and a dexterity with words which left even the most conservative members of the packed audience acknowledging that sometimes it is essential to take ‘the broad view’! Yes indeed ‘More please!’.

Well, FramSoc, always keen to show willing, did provide more on Wednesday evening, when we were treated to the delicious double act of Galton Blackiston and his unflappable side-kick Mr Alston.

They made our mouths water and our tummies rumble as they cooked up a sumptuous three course meal with effortless flair and humour. It was gripping theatre, but oh how I would have liked to sit down and eat their creations.

I am surprised that the two people who won the raffle prizes of the main course and the pudding made it out unmobbed!

A Gourmet Demonstration Evening: Galton Blackiston

Wednesday 13th February, 7pm, Fram Theatre

ChefWith FramSoc’s ever popular SupperSoc evening arriving later in the term, we felt we should whet members’ appetites with a little a cookery demonstration evening given by nationally acclaimed Norfolk chef, Galton Blackiston. The theme for his demonstration will be Easy Entertaining. In 1979 a young Galton, a cash strapped high-school student, set up a stall on Rye market selling his own cakes, biscuits and preserves. So successful was this venture that he abandoned his plans to become a professional cricketer and decided to become a chef. This proved to be a seriously clever decision for someone who has gone on to become East Anglian Chef of the Year, the UK Craft Guild of Chefs, Chef of the Year and latterly a fellow of the same organisation. With his wife Tracy he now runs the award winning country hotel Morston Hall in Norfolk, which has proudly held a Michelin star since 1998. Galton is the author of three hugely successful cookery books and is a member of the Guild of Food Writers. He has also made numerous appearances on television where he is quick to advocate the glorious quality of local Norfolk produce. We hope to run a little raffle during the evening and each winner will be able to take away one of the courses prepared and cooked by Galton during the evening’s demonstration.

Geographical Society – Forthcoming Lecture by Nick Crane

image006Nick Crane, presenter of the BBC Coast series, is to address the Geographical Society at an evening lecture on Tuesday, 12th February, 2013 in the Headmaster Porter Theatre at 7.00pm. 

The talk is expected to be of interest to pupils and parents of all year groups and is entitled‘Filming Our Island Story’.

Nick Crane is well known as a geographer, explorer, writer and broadcaster and has written and presented four television series for BBC 2, including Great British JourneysMap Man, and Town. He is pictured below on the cover of his latest publication Our Island Story.

All parents, pupils, staff and OFs are warmly invited to join us and to meet Mr Crane informally after the presentation. Light refreshments will be provided.

FramSoc Event: The Brandreth Papers


A practising London barrister, Benet Brandreth, has also inherited from his father, Gyles, more than a little love for public entertainment. He has been involved in the art of rhetoric for many years, whether it is debating, rabble-rousing, after-dinner speaking or court-room advocacy. He has twice been the World Public Speaking Champion and professionally he was awarded the Richard DuCann Memorial Prize for Excellence in Advocacy. Benet brings to FramSoc his highly acclaimed one-man show, The Brandreth Papers, which first appeared on the Edinburgh Fringe and subsequently transferred to The Savoy Theatre, London in March of this year. Reviewing the show in Edinburgh, the Daily Telegraph wrote: Benet Brandreth… on fine dinner jacketed form in this delightfully surreal series of tall tales, taking in his (imagined) time as a Hollywood hunk, feted conceptual artist, and rescuer of the Duke of Edinburgh from a most invidious fate. The Sunday Telegraph awarded the show five stars calling it, Heroic storytelling, raising the Fringe’s intellectual bar. The Edinburgh Festival Magazine referred to Benet as, One of our country’s most accomplished raconteurs. We feel sure that this is one FramSoc event you will not wish to miss.BENET BRANDRETH A4_FACEBOOK