Sir Michael Gambon Lights Up Garrett House Dinner

image005Last Saturday saw the boys of Garrett and their guests come together for the annual House Dinner. A great time was had by all, with musical entertainment provided by Charlie Bullen and Oliver Trevers and an excellent and funny speech from Will Crosland, Head of House.

The highlight of the evening, though, was the guest of honour, Sir Michael Gambon, latterly a star of the Harry Potter films, but also one of the legends of the British stage and, of course, inspiration for the legendary ‘Gambon Corner’ in Top Gear. He delighted all present with a question and answer session focusing on the highlights of his long and distinguished career, answering everything the boys could throw at him with wit and honesty.

Now we wait to see whether Garrett can top this next year….

Rendlesham House Dinner

The Gentlemen of Rendlesham held their House Dinner on Saturday. Entertainment was provided by Jonathan Shotton (UK Champion of Magic) who produced cards, floating tables and doves, while the catering department excelled in producing not only three courses, but concluding with over seventy perfect chocolate fondants.

The guest speaker was former Housemaster, Tony Lawrence, who, magician-like, wove together the strands of the Olympics, the success of the House this year, and the job of role-models and games makers. A presentation was made by the House of a salver engraved with the House crest to retiring tutor David Barker.

With Will Hamilton as MC, and a superb speech from Head of House, Sadiq Keshwani, the evening was an unqualified success, claimed by some as the best for some years.

Moreau House Dinner

Moreau held their annual house dinner on Saturday, 1st December.  The theme of the evening was “Las Vegas” and each table was named and decorated after one of the Las Vegas casinos. It was a glamorous evening and Paul’s Court housed a “White Chapel” where the guests had photos taken as brides and grooms and we enjoyed a delicious American-style menu, complete with hand-made burgers, slaw and fries. The surprise entertainer was Freya Roy, ex-Moreau singer-songwriter, who delighted us with a live performance of her own soulful songs, and then the girls sang their winning part song, Black Heart. Dancing, gambling and card-games (no real money involved) were the after-dinner entertainment. Thank you to Head of House Angela Koo and all the Year 13 girls who worked so hard to put on a fabulous evening.

Rendlesham House Dinner 2012

On Saturday 4th January, the Rendlesham boys held their annual House Dinner in the dining hall at Framlingham College.

After they were treated to Jazz from the Southworth Band, a delightful three-course meal was on offer including ‘wrap your own’ Hoisin Pancakes, a Brisket of Beef and a Trio of Mini-Deserts. Tom Hampson wowed everyone with his juggling exploits to music. For his finale Tom had five juggling balls on the go at one time!

The Rendlesham boys and guests were then given a wonderful talk from Jo Sinclair who is the Head of Sponsorship at the Red Bull Formula 1 team.

Jo showed clips of the past two seasons of domination by the Red Bull team and their world champion driver, Sebastien Vettel.

A second video followed with personal messages from driver, Mark Webber and team principal, Christian Horner to the boys of Rendlesham. Each boy was presented with a Red Bull F1 baseball cap from Jo Sinclair.

Head of House, George Kerridge gave his speech and then the evening finished with music from former student Josh Connor followed by the Rendlesham duo of Ben Easey and Clayton Bull before the Y13 boys had their picture taken by Albert in the snowy condiions!

Click here to view the video message from Mark Webber