Mathematics Puzzle Day

On Wednesday, 26th June, the Mathematics Department played host to Year 5 students from Dennington Primary, Brandeston Hall and Mellis Primary. 

Unknown-1This was our popular hands-on maths workshop, with the pupils taking part in many different mathematical puzzles requiring logical thinking and a little bit of luck.

The day began with a short selection of lateral thinking challenges and later a mad dash around the College grounds in search of the answers to our maths treasure trail. We had a break for juice and cookies which were again very popular and all enjoyed the sunshine, coupled with success in solving mathematical problems and doing a little mental arithmetic!

We finished off with a lovely lunch before our young visitors returned to their respective schools after an enjoyable day out.

Year 10 at the Regional Team Maths Challenge

UnknownAs runners-up to Colchester Royal Grammar School in the Regional Team Maths Challenge, our Year 10 team (Will Wright, Samantha Blackman, Beatriz Losada and Luke Quartermaine (as a replacement for Jack Lecompte) were invited to compete in the final stage of this exciting competition on Tuesday, 16th April 2013. 

Mr Pirvu took our team to the exquisite Centre for Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge University and they had to prepare a special topic in advance – the binomial expansion – with the support of their teacher, Mrs Ward. At the beginning, the students enjoyed an inspiring lecture by Alan Davies, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Hertfordshire. He spoke on some applications of mathematics, centering in particular on the uses of quadratic equations in real life and he also looked at the many careers Mathematics prepares you for.

Twenty-eight schools took part in the final, all of whom had done very well indeed to get to this intensely fought stage of the competition, emerging from ten regional competitions. The final consisted of five rounds: twenty questions (students on their own, then in pairs, then in their group), general problem solving (team work), the special topic round, a multiple-choice round, and, finally, the relay round made of four five-minute parts.

All of this was challenging, thought provoking and simply good fun – a thoroughly enjoyable day out and a worthwhile trip.

UKMT Intermediate Regional Final

130228 UK Maths Challenge 039Framlingham College was proud to host the East Anglia Regional heat of the UKMT Intermediate Maths Team Challenge for the sixth consecutive year. Such is the popularity of the event at our school that this year for the first time it stretched over two days. Twenty schools took part on the Thursday and a further nineteen participated today, each with four pupils from Years 8 and 9. Both days consisted of four rounds which relied on communication and teamwork as well as mathematical skills and strategic quick thinking, the final round being an exciting relay race.

The competition is sponsored by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust and supported by the actuarial profession.

All participating pupils received a small prize, with the top three teams each receiving a UKMT certificate from the Headmaster, Mr Paul Taylor. The top team from each day will go on to compete in the National finals in London.

Staff and pupils enjoyed a great day of mathematics and visitors were unanimous in their praise of the excellent catering at the College. The organisers were pleased to report an improvement in this year’s overall performances.

On Thursday competition was tight, with close scores recorded for the top ten teams, apart from a significant lead for the overall winners! Our congratulations go to everyone who took part, in particular the winning teams: 1st place: Colchester Royal Grammar School; 2nd place: Benjamin Britten High School; 3rd place: Kesgrave High School.

Friday was an equally exciting day with Taverham Hall winning overall.

Framlingham competed well, our two young mathematician teams being Matthew Oon, Nicholas Parford in Year 9 with Jolyon Summers and Joshua Butler in Year 8, (13th place) and Ali Goodhead and Georgina Seymour in Year 9 with Emily Lewis and Rupert Dean in Year 8, (18th place). It was good to see all of the students working so well together.

Many thanks go to Mrs Ward for organising the event, and to our own support staff who helped the day run so smoothly; thanks also to Mrs Russell at Brandeston Hall and Mr Pirvu at the College for their efforts in preparing our teams. Special thanks go to Tim Alexander (Year 13) and Mr Pirvu who provided invaluable help throughout the day.

The mathematics and physics of music

Students in the two Year 10 music classes had the opportunity to see the notes they were singing and playing in a lesson looking at the patterns and waves that make up musical notes. This was a cross curricular lesson bringing together music, mathematics, physics and a little biology and psychology.

They looked at the harmonics on a vibrating string, slowed down with a stroboscope, and heard how a sound could be made by mixing sinewaves at harmonic frequencies. With an oscilloscope and a microphone they saw the shape of the sound waves from their voices, and a wide range of musical instruments. At the same time they saw a frequency spectrum showing the balance of different harmonics so they could compare the different instruments and see the difference between their voices, including how they change with volume and timbre in real time. A last challenge was to see if they could sing or play an ‘A’ in tune at 440Hz.

In GCSE Music one of the Musical Elements pupils have to learn about is Timbre and Dynamics and it was felt that learning about the Physics of Music was a great way of helping pupils understand how it all worked.

A fun morning was had by all the year 10 Music Students with the help of Physics teacher, Max Taylor and Director of Music, Tim Rhodes.

UKMT Intermediate Maths Team Challenge

On Thursday, 23 February, (a surprisingly warm and sunny afternoon), Framlingham College was proud to host the East Anglia regional heat of the UKMT Intermediate Maths Team Challenge.

Twenty-two schools took part, each with four pupils from Years 8 or 9. The day consisted of four rounds, the last taking the form of a relay race.

Our combined team from the College and Brandeston Hall were the overall victors and congratulations go to our team members, who were William Wright, Isaac Chan (Y9), Alasdair Goodhead and George Donsworth (Y8). The team of Hugo Fairbanks Weston, Lily Cartmell (Y8), Charlie Warren and Samantha Blackman (Y9) were placed 14th overall.

All participating pupils received a small prize, with the top three teams each receiving a UKMT certificate from the Headmaster, Paul Taylor.

The top team will go on to compete in the national finals in London on June 18th, and this will take place at the Lindley Hall in Westminster.