Year 12 test out their teaching skills…

fc_year12_teachingSeven French AS students went down to Ipswich to teach a language carousel.

Kristian, Ander, Alex, Emma, Maité, Henrike and Jimmy taught students from Years 1 to 4 an eclectic mix of French, Spanish, German and Swedish.

The pupils at St Mary’s learnt all about numbers, animals, colours and greeting in various

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European Day of Languages

Wednesday, 26th September, marked the European Day of Languages. To commemorate this occasion thirty-three Brandeston Year 6 pupils came up to the College for a language carousel.

Divided into three groups, they each had thirty minutes of French, German and Spanish at the College. Mrs Caiger, helped by her daughter Claire and German student Henrike Haltern, taught her classes all about Germany and covered some basic phrases in German, including greetings, colours and the spelling and pronunciation of German countries.

Mrs Hardman taught Spanish to her three groups and covered introductions, colours and animals, and they also played interactive whiteboard and card games. She was ably assisted by Pablo Gonzalez Ruiz, Ander Ibinarriaga Villasevil and Alex Hearn.

Mr Dyer created a suite of interactive exercises and games to revise school subjects in French. These can be found here for anyone to have a try: The exercises and games became increasingly challenging to keep all the pupils working at their best, and they were helped by Mr Dyer’s Year 12 students.

A show of hands at the end of the morning provided resounding evidence that everyone had thoroughly enjoyed their morning.

Language experience at the College for Old Buckenham Hall

Framlingham College invited Year 8 pupils from Old Buckenham Hall Prep School to get a head start in learning three new languages when they join senior school.

Mrs Debra Hardman with the assistance of Year 13 linguist, Emily Higgins taught the Spanish lesson. The pupils first learned the words for colours and animals.They then put the two together and practised saying the colours of animals. The students were introduced to the idea of position and agreement of adjectives in Spanish. A variety of activity games were played in both pairs and as a group on the interactive whiteboard. Debra Hardman described the students as, “Polite, enthusiastic and keen to try speak in Spanish.  They were quick to make connections between French and Spanish.”

Our students had a great time with many giving us terrific feedback on their learning experiences in all three languages.

Kate Allanson, Old Buckenham Hall

Miss Angélique Horner taught German to the students with the able help of German students, Franziska Hipp and twins, Marie and Antonia Von-Koester. The OBH students were taught how to say their name and how to ask another person for their name. The children learnt how to count to 10 in German and bingo was particularly popular. They were taught the names of animals and at the end of the lesson a game was played with fly swats.

French was taught by Head of Modern Languages, Mr Bernard Dyer with the help of head girl, Natalie Fulcher, Oscar Ponton, Katie Rutherford and Christina Welsh. The OBH students used the language lab to do a number of interactive excercises in games focusing on present tense endings. They also looked at food words, which was good revision for them as the students are familiar with French from their time at OBH. All the students seemed to really enjoy the experience, and many showed vast improvement in the half-hour that they used the computers.

Kate Allanson from Old Buckenham Hall said, “Thank you so much for a wonderful visit yesterday and a very warm welcome. Our students had a great time with many giving us terrific feedback on their learning experiences in all three languages. We had many comments from children looking forward to taking up Spanish and German as a result of the day!”

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