13+ Scholarships


Last week we have been welcoming the 13+ Scholarship candidates for their assessments across a range of disciplines. Drama applicants enjoyed a group workshop before performing their individual auditions for the Head of Drama.

Music Scholars performed for both the Director and the Assistant Director of Music. Art and D&T applicants were given the chance to present their work to the Heads of Department and candidates for the Porter Scholarship for Sciences were given both a written Science paper and subject-specific science interviews.

Hats off to all the Academic Scholarship candidates who coped admirably with two challenging days of written papers and interviews, as well as a seminar with the Head of Scholars and the Headmaster on the subject of ‘Nudge’ Psychology. With candidates coming from thirteen different schools it has been a very busy and rewarding week for both pupils and staff.

We are looking forward to welcoming a very talented and diverse Year 9 in September.